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Martech Service Manager

Posted: 27 Oct 2011, o 16:07
by techmobil
SL3 BruteForce Cloud System is a new addition to Martech Service Manager. The application definitely makes it easy to support multiple computers that count the codes for SL3 phonesusing Brute Force method.The application is based on oclHashcat-lite v0.06. The main part of the application is server, dividing tasks between computers on which SL3Client application is running.


How does it work?

On Super PC, which is used to count and has the appropriate graphics card, install SL3Client which communicates with the server every few seconds. Serwer is executing all the work with dividing and checking whether the code is counted. We manage the whole process through the site :

  • adding logs
  • import from .sha/.log/.fnx/.bcl* files
  • setting the queue
  • grabbing the results
  • adding new PCs
  • monitoring PCs states
  • notification by mail *
  • calculation result sending via e-mail *

The system can connect up to 1,000 computers. Work on the calculation of one code is divided into 100 or 200 or 500 or 1000 pieces. So small parts are sent to each PC, when one PC calculates its part tells the server about the result, if the code is not found, it retrieves the next part of the counting. If, however, the Pc found the code - the server immediately stops counting on the other PCs and sends them the next parts of another hash.

How do I start?

  • Download SL3Client application
  • Unpack it in the same folder as oclHashcat-lite v0.06
  • Logo on , You have to accept the rules of application - there must be file: EULA.accepted in the folder
  • Run SL3Client - it will generate HW Key (the unique number for every PC)
  • On the site click Drone add URL, paste HW Key, add descripton of PC (for example: PC in a green housing) and select the system and type of cards you have in this PC
  • There (on the site) will be generated a KEY to paste into SL3Client
  • It's better to select autostart option(eg after a power failure the program automatically starts up and begins to count)
  • Immediately after starting SL3Client will connect to the server and check if there is some hash in the queue
  • To stop counting on your PC you should close the application

The biggest advantages of our application are:

  • It does not matter how many Super PCs you have
  • It does not matter how "strong" Super PCs are
  • You can always add more Super PC (even during the counting of some hash)
  • You do not need another computer that works as a server
  • The fastest algorithm v0.06
  • It does not matter the location of PCs - they can be even on other continents;)
  • You do not need to have a constant external ip, or run VPNs
  • x32/x64 and ATi/nVidia Cards support


What if the PC took the job to count, but is, for example, suspended?

The server periodically checks to see if the task (that was sent) is still counted. Jf the job has been sent to a PC and no response came, then this task will be sent to another free PC.

Can 2 PCs get the same task?

Each task (part of the hash) is sent to only one PC. An exception is when the job was sent but there is no communication with Pc for a long time, then the task is sent to another PC.

What is the difference between the division into 100/200/500/1000 parts?

When we have strong PC (~ 8000MH) we select 100, we will lose less time when sending new tasks. The times are about 1.5 seconds to reload task. The advantage of sharing a larger amount of parts is that the progress on the site is frequently updated.

When the progress on the site is updated?

Progress is updated only when the PC calculates the whole job he got, then sends info that there is or there isn't a code in this peace. It may happen that for some time the progress is stoped and then suddenly jump significantly. It can happen when several PCs ended the task and sent info to the server.

In what format the result is given?

When the counting is completed, there is a .COD file for download on the site. This file can be conwerted to NCK in a few seconds using any box (MX-Key/Cyclone/ATF/FenixKey).

Do I need internet connection on Super Pc?

Yes, stable internet connection is necessary. It can be slow but stable.

Can I have one cloud of Super PC from different locations?

Yes. It does not matter where the PC is connected to the cloud! They may even be on different continents, it's important just to have access to the Internet.

How to move logs in the queue?

Just click on the ID of the hash, hold down and drag anywhere in the queue.







Download Client Software:


MSM SL3 Status for Android:

At the moment, addition is FREE for all users of MSM.

Any questions?
Sonork: 100.1581690

Some one can ask, why now ? We have written so we give it ;) !


Posted: 16 Nov 2011, o 14:03
by techmobil

* Added AUTO NCK Calc - after BF finish you will se COD file and after 1 min ALL 7 NCK codes rady to enter
* Add second COD file format - for MX Users
* In client software introduced few small fix (ver.

Best Regards
Martech Team

SL3 BruteForce Cloud System 24.11.2011 - Update

Posted: 24 Nov 2011, o 17:55
by techmobil
SL3 BruteForce Cloud System 24.11.2011 - Update

* New version SL3 Client:
* Add GPU Watchdog setting for each drone. Default is off (Watchdog=0).
* Less CPU usage - now works correctly on one core cpu
* Fixed speed, now is litle bit faster.
* Add auto NCK sending via mail after finish (bafore in mail was .cod file) Mail can be in on of 14 language.
* Add edit drones.

If before you use version older then your hw key will change. New hwkey you can add in drones tab using edit just click on drone name.

SL3 BruteForce Cloud System 25.11.2011

Posted: 25 Nov 2011, o 14:09
by techmobil
SL3 BruteForce Cloud System 25.11.2011

FIRST IN THE WORLD cloud system working with oclHashcat-lite v0.07

Our system in 100% can use features new version !

The most important news about SL3 cracking:

* SL3 optimizations @ stock speeds
5XXX cards -> + 2.44%
6XXX cards -> + 3.33%

All users to use v0.7 oclhashcat-lite must download ATi 11.11 Complete Driver pack with SDK 2.5 runtime built in to it.

Client for Linux

Posted: 23 Dec 2011, o 19:24
by techmobil
Update 23.12.2011

  • New Client for Linux [url=""]version: 1.0beta[/url]
  • Add multiple e-mail sending, just separate adres ";" when you add hash example: [email=""][/email]; [email=""][/email]
  • Add support for import new SHA file format
  • Displays longer description on the list


hcloud-drone installation

1. Place ``hcloud-drone`` and ``config.yml`` in same directory as ``*hashcat-lite*.bin``.

2. Open terminal and run ``hashcat`` manually to accept EULA, e.g.::

oclHashcat-lite32.bin -n 800 -m 1900 -1 00010203040506070809 450CC90B201568478F48A19721811D976A56950C:003573980418839600 ?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1

After typing ``YES`` press ``q`` to quit hashcat.

3. Register drone by visiting *Drone add URL*. You can check HW Key by runing in terminal::

./hcloud-drone -w

After registering save key into drone config by runing in terminal::

./hcloud-drone -k KEY

(put key generated on register page in place of ``KEY``)

Your drone is ready to go, you can run it in terminal::


Reporting bugs

If you wan't to report bug please run drone in debug mode::

./hcloud-drone -d

When reporting errors please atach debug.log and message.log to bug report (zip it or cut file to only last 100 lines or so).


If you're able to run hashcat on linux machine, hcloud-drone should work.

hcloud-drone was tested on:
Ubuntu 10.10 OCL
Ubuntu 11.04 CUDA

Known issues

At this moment hcloud-drone doesn't report speed to server. It will be added within few days from this release.

hcloud-drone must have ifconfig and udevadm installed, as well as physical drive (sda1 or hda1) to guarantee HW Key uniqueness if you're runing diskless cluster, please contact us so we could work it out.

Update 16.01.2012

Posted: 16 Jan 2012, o 15:16
by techmobil
Update 16.01.2012

Add calc method 0 - 100 %
Add calc method 100 - 0 %
Add calc method Random - this has been used so far

Now you can decide which method of counting is better for you, individually for each HASH.

Update 03.02.2012

Posted: 3 Feb 2012, o 22:50
by techmobil
Update 03.02.2012

New Client for Linux 1.0.6
Now show calc speed
Few little bugs fixed

Update 06.02.2012

Posted: 6 Feb 2012, o 18:25
by techmobil
Update 06.02.2012

OCL 0.09 Full Suported
New AMD 7xxx GPU platforms support

Update 21.02.2012

Posted: 21 Feb 2012, o 12:13
by techmobil
Update 21.02.2012

Creating account for customers
Now you can create accounts for your clients with sufficient amount of credits which allow them to add hashes to the queue – you will save time

End customer can add hashes to count

Checking the waiting time for calculation of a specific
Now the client can check the expected time of his code calculation.
The time is approximate and statistically calculated based on the time of recently completed hashes and % of the current.

Changed the field where you enter the email address (email to which the calculation result should be sent)
How does it look In practice?

You create an account for your customer with the specified limit of logs which he can add
Customer has access to a simplified version of MSM where he can
The hash will be calculated when it turn comes


[*]The customer can remove mistakenly addend hash and the credit will be refunded automatically, this applies only to hashes whose calculation does not start. If you remove already counted hash your credit will not be refunded.
[*]The customer sees only his hashes
[*]The customer can not change the order in the queue
[*]The cloud admin can change the order of hashes added by the customer
[*]The admin sees (on the waiting list) the description added by customer and info which user added this
[*]You can create 3 kinds of MSM access accounts:
  • Customer will only see hashes he added
  • Manager can see all hashes and can reorder/remove them
  • Administrator can manage all SL3 Cloud options

[*]The customer sees how many credit he have left

[b][size=3]As a result, MSM becomes a maintenance-free for the owner :)

New Client 3.0

Posted: 28 Feb 2012, o 13:22
by techmobil
Update 28.02.2012

New Client 3.0

Installer version, included OCL 0.09, you can also download 0.08 version
Auto update Client, this is the last time you have to update the client manually
Auto update OCL version on all PC’s
Card drivers auto update will be ready soon

New option in Drone edit
A faster way to reload jobs
Fixed litle bugs


We suggest installing Client in c:\SL3Client\. Please don’t install in folders protected by Windows like "Program Files" (auto update may not work properly).

How to update (last time manual): ... taller.exe
Start install pack and select OCL ver which you want to use (0.09 requires Drivers [URL=""]12.1 32bit ... n7-64.aspx"
Start Client and accept hashcat EULA - just enter YES
Pastle Autorization KEY from drones tab (to copy to clipboard KEY click on KEY Icon)
That is all
Next time, to update the client, just click in drones tab “new version” and the client or OCL will update automatically

Of course the client will wait with auto update until the job is finished, so you won’t loos the calculation time :)


If you don’t have drivers 12.1 and you don’t have time now to update it, install new client with OCL 0.08. As soon as you have time, you will update drivers and using Drones Tab change OCL to 0.09 with a few clicks. The rest will update automatically (you have to accept EULA).

Links: ... taller.exe ... n7-32.aspx ... -64.aspx#1

Re: Martech Service Manager

Posted: 25 Jul 2012, o 07:44
by techmobil
Update 23.07.2012

Add Statistic Tab (Total/Month/Day)
New Android: MSM Sl3 Cloud Status
Now you can download it from Google Play

Update 08.08.2012

Posted: 8 Aug 2012, o 13:09
by techmobil
Update 08.08.2012

New method NCK calc - now NCK will show direct after COD found.

No more waiting for NCK codes

MSM SL3 Cloud Monitor for iPhone

Posted: 19 Dec 2012, o 16:36
by techmobil
Update 19.12.2012
MSM SL3 Cloud Monitor for iPhone, this addition is of course free

iPhone app to monitoring system and PC's and show how much logs is in queue, curent progres and time to finish last log. ... 24993?mt=8

You can find it in AppStore searching as ... 24993?mt=8 ... 24993?mt=8

Re: Martech Service Manager

Posted: 2 Jan 2013, o 15:35
by techmobil
OCL 0.8, 0.09 and 0.10 don't work in 2013 year, and we have already seen ;)

Fix to it is chcange date to 2012 on pc or change [url=""]OCL exe files[/url].

To make it easy we add option in drones edit tab:

If you check this option and click save (one time). Client on this pc after finish current job will download fixed EXE from server and replace it on pc.

IF you use 0.09 before all will work automatic. If you use older version before you must say YES in EULA window on this pc.

You can do this job for all your PC one time, just click:
Force Hashcat reinstall on all drones

If you upgrade OCL from 0.08 or older check all your pc after that.
Don't forget that OCL0.09 need accept EULA and new drivers.

Re: Martech Service Manager

Posted: 10 Jan 2013, o 17:09
by techmobil
Update 1[SIZE=2]0.01.2013[/SIZE]

Fully automatic system for selling your power. Just add a link to the msm in the classifieds (or make redirect to your own domain). Client will be able to see all about your offer, can buy credit himself and add hash to your cloud. All you have to do is look how much money do you have ;)

  • You can create your own site for selling credits in MSM
  • Fully editable individual site (text/colors/images/logo)
  • Paypal payment supported
  • Online credit selling
  • You can use variables: {{ time_queue }} - estimated end time of current queue, {{ time_yours }} - estimated end time of next hash added
Q: How to edit my site ?
A: After login go to: Tools >> Owner details

Q: Where can i found my site?
A: Go to Tools >> Owner details and on the bottom of the site you will find link:
Link to your store: (where xxx is ID your cloud)

Q: How can i sell credits via Paypal?
A: In Owner details set "PayPal payee details". Your paypal id, price and Currency.

Q: How can my customer buy credits?
A: He have to go to your individual site and make account by clicking Register, after that click "Buy more credits" and pay via paypal. Credits will be added automatically after payment.